Whether you’re a shopaholic or just love to have your finery neatly ordered, a walk-in wardrobe is a desirable fixture in any home. So much so, that we just can’t get enough of exploring the wardrobes of fashionistas worldwide – and the internet is awash with them! The good news is that with some clever planning and practical tips, it might be easier than you think to get one that’s the envy of Carrie Bradshaw. Let’s take a look at some famous favourites, and what you need to know to create a dream-wardrobe of your own.


Sex and the City

Fashion’s favourite fictional character Carrie Bradshaw had to have somewhere to store those fabulous outfits and her walk-in wardrobe of epic proportions put this one on the lust-list of viewers worldwide. As Carrie Bradshaw famously said: “I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”


   Finally Bigs gift to Carrie

Image credit: New Line Cinema via Bustle


Khloe Kardashian

With everything from an entire room for her hair extensions to a fitness closet, Khloe Kardashian is a lover of organisation and cleanliness or (KHLO-C-D as she calls it). While there’s plenty of black and grey workout gear in her fitness closet, it’s the impressive sneaker wall that really pops.

Watch KHLO-C-D: How I Organize My Workout Closet.


Andy Cohen

Rubbing shoulders with some serious fashionistas on The Real Housewives franchise, host Andy Cohen’s walk-in wardrobe reflects his rank as a style aficionado. With enough ties to cover every Real Housewives reunion show for the next 10+ years, this is a masculine robe big on organisation and classic style.



While it may have been over 25 years ago, Cher’s “way normal” revolving closet and computer-based outfit selector is still a standout. With numerous apps attempting to replicate the Clueless curated virtual dressing room experience, we’re still a way off this dreamy wardrobe becoming a reality.


Clueless Wardrobe

Image credit: Paramount via Mashable


DJ Khaled

If sneakers are your jam, then record producer DJ Khaled’s dedicated room is what sneaker-dreams are made of. With floor to ceiling shelving and meticulously placed trainers accessed with a moving library-style ladder, it’s rumoured this is where he keeps just 500 of his favourites from a collection that exceeds 10,000 pairs.


Image via YouTube


Paris Hilton

Known for her love of bling and all things opulent, Paris Hilton’s style has been a hot topic since she first appeared on our screens on The Simple Life with Nicole Richie in 2003. It’s no surprise her walk-in wardrobe features a chandelier, mirrored fixtures, over a thousand pairs of shoes and probably enough sequinned clothing to make a disco ball the size of Tasmania.


Mark Zuckerberg

While it’s hardly luxe, there’s more than meets the eye to Mark Zuckerberg’s fifty shades of grey (or maybe just one) wardrobe. According to the man himself, dressing in a self-imposed uniform allows him to focus on the decisions that really matter – like how to run global tech behemoth Facebook. This minimal wardrobe technique is also favoured by the likes of billionaire John Paul DeJoria, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs and Barack Obama.


Creating your dream-drobe

Whether it’s a space to display your vast shoe collection or the ability to categorise your clothing by designer that tops your priority list, creating a lust-worthy wardrobe is all in the planning. Here’s how to get started.


  1. Consider your needs – think carefully about what it is you need to store as a starting point for designing your wardrobe. For example, a wardrobe to accommodate stacks of handbags will look quite different to one that needs to house hundreds of ties. It’s also important to be honest with yourself – are you really going to meticulously stack your shoes in cubby shelves, or would you be better off with an out of sight basket to stow them in? The last thing you want is a wardrobe that adds significantly to your household cleaning and tidying regime.


  1. Make the most of every inch – not everyone has a whole room to spare to create a walk-in wardrobe, so get creative with what you’ve got on hand. Can you steal some space from a neighbouring room and create a galley-style wardrobe behind a false wall? Alternatively, simply upgrading your existing wardrobe to a more organised and functional space might be your best bet. Space saving ideas include:


  • Adorn blank wall spaces with hooks for displaying favourite handbags.
  • Utilise space above rails to store less frequently used items in boxes.
  • Create a cute sunglass display within an empty nook
  • Utilise the insides of cupboard doors by placing hooks or railings on them to hang scarves, bags, or belts.
  • Create the illusion of space with acrylic furniture or mirrored finishes.
  • Maximise space with spinning wardrobes that put corners to use. Lazy Lee (here in Australia) offer shoe spinners that hold up to 200 shoes, and ‘Valet’ models which are essentially an all-in-one spinning wardrobe!


  1. Drawers Vs shelves Vs rails – different storage solutions serve different purposes. Ensure you have enough rails for dresses, shirts, and skirts – shirts and skirts can run one above the other, whereas full length items like dresses and long coats will need their own rail. Shirts and jeans are best folded and kept in open shelves (which also make the perfect home for displaying shoes), while underwear, socks, belts, and other smaller items are more suited to drawers (with Marie Kondo dividers of course!)


  1. Go digital – channel the Clueless inspired wardrobe of the 90s and utilise an app like the recently launched Whering. Whering allows you to digitise your wardrobe, suggests new outfit combos, generates packing lists for holidays and even plans outfits based on weather forecasts!


  1. Focus on fixtures and finishing touches – additions like an opulent velvet ottoman, uniform hangers, an ornate freestanding mirror, patterned wallpaper or a feature hanging pendant light will round off your space. These all-important finishing touches will bring personality and the wow factor to your wardrobe.


Wardrobes that Wow - Inspiration and Tips dream wardrobe

Wardrobes are worthy of your investment 

A well planned out and swoon-worthy wardrobe can really make a statement in your home – both for you to enjoy now and as a sales feature for the future. If a dreamy wardrobe is top of your priority list and a renovation, extension or a re-fit isn’t on the cards, contact your local First National Real Estate office. We’ll happily help you search for a property with a walk-in wardrobe that (almost) keeps up with the Kardashians!


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