Valentine’s Day is an international day of love; it’s an occasion when we celebrate and appreciate loyalty, companionship, unconditional love, joy, and those who steal our hearts. And while it’s often celebrated amongst couples, you could be overlooking a companion that captured your affection from the moment you set eyes on them. And they’ve done this without uttering a single word – it’s your beloved pet. From playful pups to regal felines and everything in between, here are our ten favourite ways to celebrate your most cherished companion this Valentine’s Day.


  1. Plan a pet pamper day
    Pets love your undivided attention, and what better way to shower them with it than planning a pamper day. Either create a DIY spa experience at home with massage, washing, brushing and nail clipping or pop into their regular groomer for a professional (mess-free) experience. And don’t forget to spoil them with their favourite treat post-pamper!

Woman giving body massage to a dog.


  1. Pets’ day out
    Think about what your pet loves to do, and plan a day around this. It could be chasing birds at the park, frolicking in the surf at a local beach, simply hitting the pavement for an uninterrupted, all-you-can-sniff walk or creating a plush perch in the sunshine for them to while away the day. They might not know it’s Valentine’s Day, but their day will be extra special.

Happy couple at the local beach with the dog.


  1. Get matchy-matchy
    Has anyone ever told you that you look like your pet? Well, it’s time to take it up a notch! Whether you plan to hang out at home or take your style to the streets, pick up some matching bandanas, hoodies or pyjamas for you and your significant canine other. For our feline friends, show your love with personalised cat clothing.


  1. Create a lifelong memory
    You’ve probably got plenty of selfies with your pet or candid snaps of their cuteness, but have you considered a proper photoshoot or portrait? Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to capture special memories with your four-, two– or eight-legged friend. You can either book in with a professional (you might be surprised how many pet portrait photographers are around), create an at-home studio, or hop online to a site like Bark & Brush, where you can upload a photo of your precious pet and have it turned into a unique work of art.

Photo shoot with the pets.


  1. Indulge their inner gamer
    Both cats and dogs love classic games like chasing balls, but this Valentine’s Day, push the boat out with some interactive, pet-friendly games on your tablet. You’ll find plenty of apps developed with our furry friends in mind – from these 5 Furrific Apps for Dogs to these 8 Best Apps for Cats. They’ll be entertained and engaged, and you won’t have to lift a finger.


  1. ‘Treat’ them right
    Treats are often linked to rewards or training (especially for pooches). Spoil them on Valentine’s Day with some no-strings-attached treats or their very favourite foods. If you want to create with love, whip up your own doggy delicacies like this Starbucks-esque Pumpkin Spice Latte or Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats, pick up an irresistible Catnip Seed Raising Kit for your favourite kitty, or try one of these 10 Homemade Cat Treats. Remember to check ingredients in recipes and store-bought treats to make sure they’re suitable for your pet.

the cat receives treats. 


  1. Splurge on toys and accessories
    Hit your local pet shop and pick up something new for your fur-ever Valentine. A new toy always goes down a treat, or keep it practical with cute upgrades to their feeding equipment, bedding, collars, or harnesses. You can make it extra special with personalised pieces – from name tags to lush bedding and placemats – all of which celebrate their individuality.


  1. Party with pets
    This one’s for the dogs! Does your pup have a doggo buddy it loves to goof around with? Arrange a playdate with a few of their favourite friends, and set up some backyard fun with a paddling pool or sprinkler and a basket filled with fresh tennis balls. If you really want to make it a party to remember, hire a bubble machine and pump out some bacon-scented dog bubbles!


  1. Don’t make it a lonesome celebration
    If you’re planning to head out on a hot date or for some fun with friends this Valentine’s Day, don’t leave your paw-fect match home alone. Swipe right on their beloved pet sitter, or make their Valentine’s Day just as fun as yours by sending them off for a staycation at their favourite friend’s house or luxury pet resort.


Create an arty keepsake
Our last tip – that’s fun for both pets and their owners – is to create a unique artwork. Whether it’s hand and paw painting, abstract cat art, imprinting their precious paw print in clay or salt dough or something completely different like one of these DNA based pet portraits you’ll end up with a very special momento to keep forever.


People or pets, love rules the day

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be celebrated traditionally; it can be a day spent rejoicing friendships or soulmates, self-love, or pet love. Whatever you do, shift the focus to creating an enjoyable day that fills your cup!

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