Isolation is a strong word. Quarantining even stronger. It says doom, gloom and storm clouds overhead – but does it have to be this way? Don’t get us wrong, the current situation is challenging. We are all in this together to prevent a national tragedy from unfolding, and that’s why everyone is spending less time together and more time confined at home. However, being stuck between your own 4 walls for prolonged periods can create its own issues. We all want to feel free, be human and enjoy life when the sun is shining (and even when it’s not). So, what should we be getting up to now that we no longer have a calendar filled with places to go and people to see? Here’s some thoughts that might get you up off the couch and away from the Netflix binges.

Work for many still needs to happen.

For those adjusting to a home-office, that brings with it a whole lot of other challenges as we discussed here. If you are still in a role first of all, don’t feel down – remember to be grateful. So many do not have employment right now and their lives are in upheaval. When working from home, don’t forget to get dressed, set schedules, take breaks, move your body and set up your space. You are transferring work-life to home, so you need to sort it out pronto.


Use your ‘me time’ for health and fitness

The biggest risk of confinement can be too much time between the couch and the refrigerator. Sweets, treats, alcohol and other vices are suddenly within easy reach. It’s important to recognise this can be a time of indulgences but it doesn’t have to be. If you have a garden, get into it. If you have some DIY and time on your hands, get your projects up and running. Take to the parks and the bike paths if you’re permitted to in your area. Dance a bit more, get through that laundry or do exercises that are possible in even the smallest apartment, like burpees, sit ups, press ups and squats, all of which can be done without equipment. Get your manicure going, cook and eat well – and check out various health related products that can be delivered. More is possible right now in terms of improving yourself – so why not jump to it?


What To Do in Self Isolation


Dream about travel.

Okay we get it. This suggestion could wind up being mental torture as no one can go anywhere at the moment, right? Just hear us out. You can still ‘research and plan’ for later. Travelling and movement won’t be banned forever. These things will take time, but getting your bucket list straightened out means you won’t miss a moment when the smart traveller website or local authorities give everyone the all clear. So, consider where you want to go now, and you’ll actually be ahead of the pack. Look up the attractions you want to see, the food you want to eat, even the friends or family you would like to catch up with or take with you. Read travel guides, research online or watch travel shows – you’ll be transported to places well before you even get there, and that’s half the fun of it. Also realise that Australian locations will become more accessible long before some international ones. So, if a gondola in Venice is looking too dangerous, think Cable Beach camel rides in Broome instead.


Go on a bear hunt.

No, we’re not talking koalas or grizzly bears, we’re talking teddies! Teddy bear hunts in local streets are all the rage with kids right now. People are hiding little and big teddy bears in their front windows, in cars parked on the streets and in the most unlikely of places. Taking a walk with children allows them to really enjoy some local scenery and the challenge of finding as many hidden bears as are out there. So, on your next walk, spot those bears and get counting!


What To Do in Self Isolation


Closer to the kitchen? Use it.

Recipes take time. Being at home means you are steps away from the kitchen and can take time to prepare things you normally wouldn’t. So, if you’re able to find the right items at your supermarket or have ingredients at home, whip up a few treats and surprises for yourself or those in your household. Right now we’re loving Nutella Calzone or Tiramisu. However, if we eat too much, we may have to action a lot of plans mentioned in the Fitness section above!


Go digital with your dinner or drinks.

What’s hot and what’s not? Well dinner parties and bar meetups are out – but placing a laptop or device at the end of your dining table or drink bench is in. So join the fun that many are getting into right now (well – somewhere in the world right now anyway!). The tyranny of self-distance has created a lot of fun work-arounds. Some are running ‘Fridgital Fridays’ to aid connection, while others are sharing interactions with pets, not just people in their get togethers. So, assemble your guest list, send out the invites and if you need more ideas for your next soiree and how to run it – have a look here.


What To Do in Self Isolation


So, there you have it. Self-isolation doesn’t have to mean excluding yourself from meaningful and fun experiences out there. If you’d like more inspo on things you can get up to, take a peek here for some further thinking and ideas.