Right now, the very nature of work and life is being revolutionised. With so much change and upheaval, it’s only natural to wonder if there’s a better way to get ahead. Now is a great time to assess what you are putting in place for your future, and what you can create to strengthen your financial and job security. For so many of our First National Real Estate members, they’ve been able to do it by running their own First National office.


Be the boss.

When you become part of First National Real Estate, you’re not a franchise. You literally become your own boss, as part of an adaptive Real Estate co-operative. We differ from franchise operations due to the fact that we are a member organisation, rather than being run by a single person or entity. In franchises you’ll often find they are played off against each other by head office competitively to drive results. For First National, it’s the complete opposite – we work as a united team and support each other, its ingrained behaviour in our culture.


Join a massive support network.

Here, we are all interested in growing our name, network, and recognition. First National has over 350 offices across Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia, so there’s huge exposure in our membership. Importantly, you get the backing and support of a big brand and dedicated services, with the freedom to run your business as your own. You’re backed by a dedicated Business Growth Manager, with access to a National Communications Manager, Design and Social Media support team, and an established toolkit of online sales and marketing of resources.

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Don’t get stung on fees.

The great thing about not being part of a franchise, is with us there’s no franchise fees. Our flat fee model makes sure that as you grow, you’re not penalised for doing well. You get to make the most of what you’ve worked so hard for. We also don’t charge property management fees as some do, ensuring that you can make more of the market in which you’re operating.


Gain new business leads and successful systems.

The beauty of being part of a recognised brand is the ‘halo effect’ of recognition the moment you become part of us. We’re seen as an authority and local expert everywhere we operate, and with First National’s added inbound marketing strategy, we consistently generate qualified leads for members. As we’ve been doing this for decades, we have excellent processes and systems that can assist you with your advertising, marketing, and profit generation. You’ll also have opportunities to connect with other members and learn from the absolute best.


Culture, community and career development

At First National we are a passionate about property; but it’s not just about property; it’s about our people. We are proud of the culture we have created, focussed around family, fun and professionalism.  Our network is a collective team of professionals, meaning we make sure training is accessible and simple through access to ‘on-demand’ sessions online, when they’re needed; we also encourage venue based gatherings across the country with some of our annual calendar highlights i.e.  First National State Awards, Inaugural National Convention, Rural Muster, and our Principal’s Retreat to name a few.


Join First National Real Estate


Best of Both Worlds if you are contemplating going at it alone and setting up your own business or you are at a career crossroads and simply tired of working for someone else. You can have the best of both worlds! By joining First National Real Estate you are instantly part of an established National network and you are your own boss. As a new member of First National Real Estate you acquire the backing and support of a large national brand; yet the freedom to run your business as you see fit. No Big Brother!


If you have sales experience, enjoy working with people, communicating, interacting, and negotiating, then you’ll have a lot of transferable skills that will prepare you for joining First National Real Estate and the property industry.


If you are interested in becoming a member and would like to find out more, click here and please get in touch with Matthew Harvey, National Business Growth Manager at First National Real Estate on 1800 032 332 or recruitment@firstnational.com.au to discuss more details on joining our network.


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