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5 outdoor styling ideas to help you sell your property this winter
Though the expectation might be that winter is a bad time to sell, it’s actually not the case. The weather can work against you though, so before you list your property, be sure to pay some attention to your outdoor areas. These... more

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What is the difference between a real estate cooperative and a real estate franchise?

Though there are attractions to working as an independent real estate agent, it’s not without its challenges. Not only do you have to do the day to day tasks required of any agent, but you also have to do all the behind the... more


Is now a good time to buy property?

If you’ve been studying the property market over the past few years, you can be forgiven for losing hope that you will ever see your property investment goals come to fruition. An answer to the question “when is a good time to... more


Top 5 activities to take up in retirement

Life after retirement is easily stereotyped, with jokes about slippers and walking frames the norm. However it’s a brave new world and today’s retirees are more often than not living the best version of their lives so far.... more


Paying interest only on your investment? With what lies ahead, could it be time to sell?

For many Australians wanting to get into the investment property market, interest only loans have provided a convenient and affordable way to leverage the equity in their principal place of residence. This type of loan has been... more


Thinking about switching your rental investment from long-term to Airbnb?

Although it may feel like the sharing economy is still new, the reality is that ride and home-sharing companies, like Uber and Airbnb, have been around for close to a decade. The uptake of these services started with a slower... more


Renovation fails you don't want to be guilty of

There comes a time for every home owner when the house that was just right at a different time in your life, no longer suits your needs. Rooms once filled with teenage sounds and smells now lie empty and the task of taking care... more