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Stewart Bunn

Business Growth Through Expertise Sharing

Membership of First National Real Estate is much more than just a brand. When you become a member, one of the greatest benefits you'll appreciate is the readiness amongst our members to assure business growth by sharing their expertise, which is one of the fastest ways to learn and prosper.

Around the country, this happens in various ways but a great example was our South Australia Principals' Retreat in the Barossa.


Is your business built for profit?

The Principals’ Retreat showcased the strength of First National and, this year, strategic accountant, Chris Mercer presented an interactive session that looked deep into the financial structure and errors that real estate agents make in their modern day businesses. Chris has solid real estate research and knowledge and represents many business principals on a financial structural level, separate to their financial tax accounting and planning.

Session topics covered:

  1. Managing break even
  2. Assessing the decision should you grow or shrink?
  3. Modeling - what business model works with your leadership style and area?
  4. Understanding the profit map as a financial frame work
  5. Running your business based on what you have today

Amongst other topics, members discussed staffing their real estate agency, real estate marketing challenges, corporate branding, rent roll growth and how to more effectively use databases to unlock future more listings and sales.

Teamed with some new initiatives that have been released for First National members, your business can also benefit from:
• Free Human Resources forms, advice and guidance
• Online training for sales and property management
• Australia’s leading lead generation campaign 
• Canstar Blue Awards for Australia’s most satisfied customers
Contact Hannah Trevilyan on 0413 624 306 to arrange a confidential meeting to discuss membership and how you can be saving even more, whilst still growing your business.

“The Principals' Retreat is one of my favourite First National events of the year. I make it a priority to attend regardless of the travel time. I’m provided with valuable tools that I can implement within my business and it’s an event that fosters friendship, which is one of the greatest attributes of our network”  - Zeta Bennett, First National Broken Hill

image004.jpgFor more information about the great benefits of First National Real Estate membership, download a free copy of our Partnership guide by clicking the button below.

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