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Stewart Bunn

Learning from the best at Convention 2017 | Fiji

When you're considering whether to change brands, or join a real estate network, the standard of training resources and corporate support on offer is always top of mind. Each year, First National Real Estate hosts a National Convention to bring together members from across Australia, New Zealand and Vanuatu. We do this so expertise can be shared and training provided on the very latest developments in real estate - but that's just a bonus when you consider our year round training schedue and resource base. This year, nearly 400 members and delegates convened at the InterContinental Fiji Golf Resort & Spa.

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What we incorporated in our Convention

Our conventions provide opportunites for staff training, better understanding of real estate marketing opportunities, briefings on the latest real estate services, how to assure ongoing business growth, and how to be the best at brand marketing in your suburb.

San Francisco based Marc Phillips delivered a outstanding technology keynote covering web analytics, search engine optimisation (SEO), cloud software and online content publishing systems.
Industry expert, Lee Woodward launched the network’s online certificated induction programme for sales, property management and administration staff. Now, principals can access whatever training their staff need, whenever they need it. Plus the system provides a certificated career development pathway.
There were 30+ workshops, panels, briefings and member gatherings covering everything from the network’s new Inbound Marketing lead generation strategy (that has already generated over 1,000 appraisal leads in its first 3 months) to our customer communication system's latest features, the FN Squad (under 35s), Chairman’s Circle (top performers) and Business Circle (bringing like-minded offices together), Digital Offices, auctioneering, property management, sales, Outsourced Strata and much more.

Our workshops included:

  • Customer experience - Lee Russell (Domain)
  • Inbound marketing 
  • Property management open forum
  • The future of real estate
  • Agent 3.0 - How to become the agent of today
  • Expert Session "Super Social" - Marc Phillips, Stewart Bunn & Sue Goddard
  • First National Branding
  • Expert advice - Creating Commercial Information Memoranda
  • Protecting your most saleable asset
  • Recruiting and retaining staff - All you need to know
  • Sales and Structure - Lee Woodward
  • Best habits of our elites
  • Fire compliance matters
  • How Social Express, Brand & Community Engagement Can Impact Your Business
  • Leveraging your mobile website and the latest USA technologies
  • First National investments and projects - Discover the power
  • Business transformation
  • FN Central - your corporate intranet connecting you with everything First National
  • Professional Indemnity Roulette - Don't bet your business
  • Digital marketing 101
  • How to apply our motto "We put you first"
  • Outsource strata - Panel session
  • From 300 to 3,000 fans in 12 months - Seize control of your Facebook community
  • The smart way to list more properties
  • The art of successful auctioneering
  • Understanding your property management role as a principal
  • Tools and products to give your business an edge
  • Are you using Utopia to it's full potential

So if you're wondering what support you receive as a member of First National Real Estate, that's just an example of what we bring together once a year at our Conventions. The rest of the year we focus on bringing like-minded offices with similar challenges together, servicing your day to day needs, and helping you find ways to grow your business.

First National Conventions provide extraordinary opportunities to learn - both for principals and their staff. Take a peek at our Convention here.

What our members and suppliers said:

‘Just over a year since I took one of the BIGGEST decisions of my career, merged my businesses and changed my brand. A bit scary but as we know, your life expands in proportion to your courage. Just returned from our first Convention in beautiful Fiji. Met some amazing people. Got to be on panel with the superstars George Rafty and Ryan McCann - what an honour! So humbled by the love and recognition from Ray Ellis and team at First National. 
Excited to be No. 4 in Australia. A HUGE THANK YOU to Ray and First National for the generosity as well as honouring the Top 10 with a fully paid study tour to the National Realtors Conference in Chicago this year. So blessed, truly grateful and once again extremely honoured.’

Ruma Mundi - FN Hills Direct (The Ponds, NSW)

‘Damn straight Ray! Best convention I’ve been to. Amazing new friends and a network that is like family.’

Jeff Sansom - Principal, FN Altitude (Warners Bay, NSW)

‘Still pinching myself that this level of support exists within such a large real estate company. I've been in this industry a lot of years and thought I'd experienced everything, but this is a whole new world. Thanks First National’

Helen Lehane - Principal, FN Kingston (Tas)

‘The conference was fantastic. It's a great community you have built in FN. It's truly inspiring to be around such a lovely group. Credit to you and all involved’.

Nathaniel Barr - Director, Honan Insurance

‘A big thankyou First National. You guys do so much for us and all the other sponsors without any call for recognition. It is such a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to many more years ahead’.

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