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Stewart Bunn

What's important when joining a real estate network?

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If you're considering joining one of Australia's many real estate brands, you want all the benefits of a strong, nationally recognised brand. But beyond that, you want support, training and the flexibility to do it your way. 

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Unfortunately, flexibility is not a byword normally associated with franchising, which is why you might want to take a closer look at one of Australia's home grown success stories - First National Real Estate.

First National has been around for more than 35 years so we know how to help you set up a brand new business, or make the transition from another network's brand without set backs. We were founded by agents, for agents so we have the best model in Australia to drive your business to be the best it can be.

A culture of growth

In real estate, there are no prizes for second place. Our goal is to assure your team comes first. We’re committed to growing your business. We provide first class training, systems and technologies. We’re ranked No.1 by industry experts for culture, brand and support.

Freedom & Flexibility

We make it easy for you to create the agency of your dreams. Our crisp brand offers the flexibility and agility to suit all markets. Whether regional, aspirational or luxury, exploit our identity to create an strong identity of your own. Choose from our comprehensive range of corporate apparel and promotional items. From signs through stationery to social media, use our design services to produce everything you need to make a strong, local impact.

Trusted Brand

FN_WPYF.jpgResearch indicates biggest isn’t best. When comparing the experience of using Australia’s biggest real estate brands, customers ranked First National number one for satisfaction . When rating real estate networks in an independent national survey, industry experts ranked First National number one for culture, brand and support. First National Real Estate’s logo is the most recognised symbol for real estate in Australia. With our brand and your name, your business is primed to be the leader in its marketplace.

Business Model

While others have attempted to re-create our business model, no other network was genuinely created to put your interests first. It’s a simple fact that every franchise competitor’s prime concern is the percentage they take from your commissions and property management fees. At First National, we don’t take a percentage of your sales commission. We also don’t even ask for a percentage of your rental fees. There’s just one establishment fee, then a low, monthly fee.

The Support You Need

First National was founded with one purpose – growing your business through cooperation. With over 400 offices throughout Australasia, you profit from a strong referral network, lead generation, and the daily support of our Member Services Managers. Our members don’t jealously guard their secrets of success. They freely share their expertise with others. Our aspiration is that you will do the same as your business grows and prospers. We offer the infrastructure you need to design a successful, vibrant business, without franchise costs and restrictions. After all, we’ve been building businesses for nearly four decades, so we have everything sorted and help is never more than a phone call away. We offer support for property management, sales, commercial, public relations, social media, technology, marketing, reputation management, financial management, training, communications and succession planning. Backed by Australia’s most recognised brand, with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, you can only succeed.

Technology for Success 

You control your future with the freedom to pick and choose from our exclusive range of in-house technologies. Skip website set up costs by selecting one of our annually refreshed templates. You’ll always stay ahead of the game. We offer customer relationship management systems, business strategies, buyer/tenant matching software, benchmark support systems, marketing campaigns, training, social media and the mentoring of industry leaders. Our intranet is your staff’s daily home base. With information and discussion groups at your fingertips, support for daily tasks is instantly and easily accessible. Awards and recognition are vital to high performance. Our General Excellence & Marketing Awards incentivise your team. Member Services Managers are there for you and your team every day. Their single goal is to support your growth and development. You’ll be amazed what agents say after changing to First National from other brands. Ask us to put you in contact with them.


Our professional development team has one focus – to build and reinforce the skills of your team. Our strategy includes face-to-face management, sales and property management training - backed by comprehensive online training resources. It’s about easy access, when you need it! Our Online Academy incorporates recognised Australian industry professionals, international experts, and the network’s most successful operators.

Australasian Network

First National Real Estate has been an Australasian leader for nearly four decades. Our services incorporate residential, property management, rural, commercial, project marketing and finance. We operate in: Australia New Zealand and Vanuatu.

The Next Step

Choosing your business partner is as important to you as it is to us. We appreciate you have a choice.

For more information or a confidential discussion about how First National can benefit you:

Call Debbie Fletcher on 0413 624 307 or visit our website for more information.

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