Bushfires, heatwaves, cyclones, storms and floods can strike at anytime, but being prepared for the consequences can save lives and help people to get back on their feet more quickly, according to First National Foundation chairman Simon O’Donoghue.
First National Foundation has teamed up with Red Cross to help people and communities across Australia prepare for disasters and emergencies.
This week is Disaster Preparedness Week (7 to 14 September) and we want people to understand how important it is to have a plan as we head into that time of year when disasters are more likely to occur.
“Each year, our sponsorship of Australian Red Cross plays an important role in sharing information about how to prepare for natural disasters” Simon O’Donoghue said.
“By helping people think ahead and prepare their properties, we help put them in a better position to respond if the worst comes to the worst”.
John Richardson, Australian Red Cross National Coordinator Emergency Preparedness, says the impact of a disaster can last for years and can cause huge stress to you and your loved ones.
“People who’ve prepared and planned for an emergency often have a resilience that helps them recover faster than others, both financially and emotionally.”
Being well prepared means understanding the hazards, being connected to people in your community and having an emergency plan and emergency kit, says Mr Richardson.
“An important part of that emergency plan is knowing how you’ll protect what’s most important – from your photo albums and passports to your child’s teddy and family heirlooms.”
Emergency REDiPlan is a set of free resources, including planning templates, activity sheets, booklets and face-to-face information sessions, to help people prepare for any type of disaster. These resources are available from Red Cross’ website or from your local Red Cross office.
REDiPlan was developed by Red Cross with the support of First National Foundation, which has contributed more than $1.6 million. This year the Foundation is also donating $45,000 to develop a REDiPlan smart phone app.
Visit www.redcross.org.au to find out how you can be better prepared for a disaster.
Issued by: First National Real Estate 
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