During its 2022 National Convention in Bangkok, First National Real Estate has taken the opportunity to support the work of the Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability (APCD) through a donation of 125,000 THB from the First National Foundation – the charitable arm of the network.

The donation was presented to APCD’s Executive Director, Piroon Laismit, who thanked First National Real Estate for committing to host its annual convention in Thailand last year, before the country’s international border had opened.

‘We are incredibly grateful to First National Real Estate’s 350+ delegates for coming to Thailand and for supporting the Thai economy, but especially for supporting the country’s disabled’ said Mr Laismit.

APCD collaborates with various Thai stakeholders including Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities (DEP), national disabled people organisations, government organizations at local and national levels, and non-government organisations that promote disability service and inclusive development in Thailand via training activities.

‘In Australia and New Zealand, First National agents actively support the health and mental wellbeing of young people, encourage the recognition of young leaders in their communities, and helps to care for injured burns patients and their families,’ said the network’s chief executive, Ray Ellis.

‘While our 350 delegates are in Thailand, we wanted to tangibly demonstrate our support for Thailand’s people as well as our gratitude for the warm welcome we have received.’

APCD trains people with disabilities to enable them to undertake careers within Disability Inclusive Businesses via over 60 different projects incorporating baking, chocolate making and hotel services.

More than 300 people participate in different provinces around Thailand. APCD is invited to be resource persons for domestic training of Thai stakeholders.

First National Real Estate has more than 320 offices in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Issued by: First National Real Estate

Stewart Bunn, National Communications Manager on 0413 624 317