One of Australia’s top corporate coaches, George Norris, has today addressed First National Real Estate’s leading agents at the independent network’s ‘Chairman’s Circle’ event at Hyatt Regency Sydney.

Top 10 salespeople and Diamond GEM Award winners received complimentary flights to Sydney in recognition of their outstanding 2018 performances, with the Chairman’s Circle event aimed at providing leadership insights from one of the country’s most accomplished businessmen.

The event also incorporated a First National Women of Influence luncheon, enabling the network’s highest achieving principals and agents to share the secrets of their 2018 business successes.

As a former presenter on the Qantas Inflight Audio Program ‘Talking Business’ with Peter Switzer and a regular presenter for Michael Schildberger’s ‘Business Essentials’ programme, Norris shared the international experience of a 35-year career in quality and innovation management that also incorporated leadership coaching at BMW in Munich, Germany.

In a climate of market adjustment and eroding confidence, Norris focused on the key elements of clients’ motivations and anxieties.

‘Trust comes by foot and leaves on horseback’ said Norris.

‘If you have any doubt, you need only look to the story of the Boeing 737 MAX, an variation of an aircraft with a 50-year track record of trust that is now grounded worldwide.

‘The power of listening and empathy in the building of rapport gives people confidence in the wisdom of their decision making. Invest in the time it takes to start a relationship of trust and success will always follow’.

Mr Norris also said that many business owners don’t invest enough in building self-worth within their teams; that self-esteem is not well understood.

‘As leaders, you have a powerful point of difference if you celebrate the achievements, no matter how small or great, right across your team. We need to help others genuinely feel good about themselves and contribution their successes make to a business.’


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