Colin Ibbs, Rohan Ibbs and Brock Fletcher

Colin Ibbs, Rohan Ibbs and Brock Fletcher meet CEO Ray Ellis at their first training session

Three hours north of Melbourne, between Echuca & Swan Hill, two Murray River real estate agencies in Barham and Cohuna have joined First National Real Estate. It’s a strategic move that reveals the rich history of the First National brand in the Riverina, and the importance of preparing for change.

Owners of Charles L King & Co, Colin Ibbs, Rohan Ibbs and Brock Fletcher, are icons of the region’s livestock auctions, but like many rural agencies they also specialise in stock and station, residential sales, property management, holiday lettings and commercial real estate.

All three principals have experienced great success, but ultimately came to the realisation that their business needed help to modernise its marketing and systems, so it could be fully prepared to service the needs of customers exiting cities and moving to the regions of Victoria and New South Wales.

‘Training, brand, human resources, marketing and business support were the most important factors in our decision making’ says Colin Ibbs.

‘We needed to streamline those functions so we could focus on our areas of greatest productivity and opportunity, and First National Real Estate ticked all those boxes that will enable our growth. Added to that, we have historic links to the First National Charles L King & Co office in Echuca, fifty minutes down the road.’

The Cohuna office of Charles L King & Co brand dates back to 1911 and is where current owner of First National Charles L King & Co in Echuca – Gary Wood – started his career in real estate. When Gary decided to move to Echuca and open a real estate agency, it was agreed he would use the Charles L King & Co brand. He subsequently became a foundation member of First National Real Estate in 1982, but the Barham and Cohuna offices continued until recently as independent businesses.

‘There’s great strength in the First National brand throughout Australia, but particularly in the Riverina,’ says Colin Ibbs.

‘So, we’re thrilled to re-brand our Barham and Cohuna offices as First National Charles L King & Co. We’ve strengthened our brand awareness and are diving into all of the great products and services offered by First National, so we can better communicate with lifestyle and tree changers, and service their needs as the move to the country.’

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