While there’s a few different claims as to who said it first, we all know the old adage about the only things certain in life being death and taxes. Although no doubt true, it’s a rare human who looks forward to dealing with either.

If you’re fortunate enough to be someone who’s not on a capped income and striving to increase your personal wealth, it’s likely even more unpleasant to know the more you earn, the more tax you’ll pay. And especially frustrating when Government use of those funds is sometimes different to the choices we’d make ourselves.

There’s little doubt if there was another arrangement available, one where you could just pay a set fee that was the same for all, we’re guessing most people would feel much happier contributing, with no strings attached. And if we actually had a say in how those funds were used, we’d probably be thrilled.

We’re all about fairness and ethics at First National. That’s why this collaborative was first started, back in 1981 by a group of agents just like you. These were independent agents who wanted to unite under a brand and develop a value offering to help them compete with the growing franchise groups.

As business owners themselves, they just couldn’t wrap their heads around why they should be putting a share of their profits in someone else’s pockets, given they were the ones doing all the hard work at the front line. They wanted to share in the benefits of scale, but not at the cost of losing their independence along with a big chunk of their profits.

Their plan worked, and First National has since grown to be one of Australia’s leading real estate brands.

Now, we’re the only national major real estate group in Australia that doesn’t charge commissions to members, as well as the only group where member councils decide how that money is spent. Our fantastic support team works for our members’ benefit, not the other way around. And this is how we can deliver everything the other groups do and more, without the hefty commissions they’ll charge on your success.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks that sounds like a fairer way to do business, let’s chat.