As the dynamics of real estate change rapidly, preparing for the future, which is today, is critical according to First National Real Estate’s chief executive, Ray Ellis.

For the past 12 months First National has been working exclusively with Zenu, which has undoubtedly developed Australia and the world’s leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology.

‘With a long history of innovation, Zenu re-entered the Australian market some 2 years ago with a class-leading product that provides real estate agents with stability, security and, most important, ease of operation at the sales and administration level’ says Mr Ellis.

‘Partnerships with Amazon and CoreLogic, to mention a few, enable the sales process for the agent and vendor to be seamless, proactive, and customer experience focused’.

Zenu founder, Eddie Lynch – who has a long history in the real estate industry – says ‘we enable real estate agents to utilise fast cloud-based systems to provide the best service on a daily basis to consumers’.

‘The fact that Zenu leads the way was the basis for First National’s exclusive website hosting arrangement, which provides our network’s members with the best available’ says Ray Ellis.

‘The traditional role of the real estate agent has evolved to the point where without a cloud-based CRM system, you are failing to provide the best service offering to each and every client as well as missing business growth opportunities.

‘Technology now dominates the real estate industry and First National members, because of our marketing structure, now have the opportunity to choose the best available’.


Issued by: First National Real Estate
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