This summer, First National Real Estate says it will provide athletes with the opportunity to improve their life saving skills in a way that has never been seen before. The Australia-wide real estate network’s sponsorship of Summer of Surf will see the inauguration of a new, competitive board series to be televised weekly on FOX Sports.
Network chief executive Ray Ellis says the ‘First National Real Estate Board Series’ will honour the Australian tradition of lifesavers improving their skill, speed and efficiency in the rescue of drowning victims.
‘Since the early 1900s, Australian surf lifesavers have devised competitions to practice and improve their skills. First National Real Estate’s board series will attract the attention of the nation as some of the fittest and most dedicated athletes in the country compete for the title’.
At the conclusion the 2014/15 season, Summer of Surf will give them an overall ranking in Australia. Not only will this ranking system ensure that we see the best season of competitive board racing to date, but news that the events will be televised on FOX Sports as part of the Summer of Surf, will give these athletes an experience like never before.
Competitors will have the opportunity to race in 11 rounds of the series, throughout the season, in a bid to accumulate the highest score from their best 4 rounds. The top 16 competitors will then be invited to the 12th and final round of the series on the 8th March 2015 at Newport beach, where they will have the chance to score additional points and will result in the crowning of the first ever ‘Summer of Surf First National Board Series Champion’.
‘We are really looking forward to supporting the first Prone Paddler Series, and are excited to see the competitors battle it out in a bid to become the champion. Surf Life Saving is an Australian icon. We see lifesavers using prone paddling boards everyday to save lives, so it is great to be able to give back to such a worthwhile sport’ said Mr Ellis.
Rounds 1 and 2 of the series will take place in Queensland at Alexandra Headland on the 15th and 16th of November. For many of the top board paddlers, this will be their first large competitive event since the Australian Titles, and they will be out to prove they are ready for a big season. Those keen to become the ‘First National Real Estate Board Series Champion’ will be hoping to place themselves in a good position from the start of the series, and will fight for any extra points.
The series then moves south to New South Wales for the next rounds. With the inaugural Coffs Harbour Craft Carnival on 29 November hosting round 3 of the series. This carnival always attracts a hot field, but will be sure to be more competitive than ever. Round 4 will take place in Wollongong on 6 December as part of the highly regarded Sydney Water Premiership Series.
At the beginning of January, round 5 and 6 will be featured in two of Victoria’s largest Surf Life Saving events. At this point of the ‘First National Real Estate Board Series’, the athletes will have an idea of their current rank, and will be desperate to either keep or improve their current position. This knowledge will ensure that the Jim Wall Ironman Challenge on 9 January, and the carnival at Fairhaven two days later on 11 January, will be hosting board races that will feature and test the best board paddlers in the country.
The series then returns to New South Wales to the notorious Australia Day carnivals at Manly and Freshwater. Held on 24 and 26 January respectively, we will see the 7th and 8th rounds of the series heat up as athletes have had plenty of race experience at this point in the season. These carnivals are always well attended by top board paddlers from all across Australia, who are looking for the most competitive racing to test themselves.
The Gold Coast will hold rounds 9 and 10 of the Board Series, on 7 and 8 February. At this point of the series all points will be crucial and athletes will be doing everything possible to ensure they have the best chance of making the grand final the next month. Even those within the top 16 will be fighting to keep their position within what is sure to be a tight field.
The Kinghorn Newport Surf Carnival will host the 11th round for all competitors on 7 March, and is sure to see some of the most competitive racing of the season, with some athletes on the cusp of racing or not racing the next day. Round 12, 8 March, will be the first ever grand final of the ‘First National Real Estate Board Series’, and is sure to showcase the best prone paddlers as proved throughout the season.  Every board paddler across the country will be dreaming of becoming the series champion, proving that they are the best prone board paddler across the whole season.
‘The nature of board paddling and the depth of outstanding athletes that will be racing will ensure that this is one of the best sporting experiences in Australia this year. As part of the Summer of Surf series on FOX Sports, board paddling will be taken to a new level, with athletes rising to the challenge to create exciting racing’ said Mr Ellis.
Issued by: First National Real Estate 
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