First National Real Estate, a leader in Australian real estate, is delighted to announce the launch of its latest agency, First National Real Estate Compass, in Cannington, Western Australia. Spearheaded by dynamic duo, Louise and William Trainer, the agency sets out to redefine property service standards in the region.

The Trainers, well-known operators in Perth’s real estate sector, have made a significant shift from a prominent franchise to join First National, drawn by its innovative approach to digital marketing technologies and its cooperative administration structure. This transition reflects their commitment to leveraging cutting-edge strategies and collaborative ethos to benefit their clients.

First National Real Estate Compass takes its place in Cannington’s real estate market not just as a new name but with a track record of trust and excellence. The agency, which was formerly operating within a franchise, amassed an impressive array of accolades including Principal and Chairman’s awards for the top-selling agent in Western Australia and the distinguished REIWA 15-million-dollar club achievement.

The ethos at First National Real Estate Compass is founded on guiding clients towards their next home or investment by putting their interests first. The whole team is committed to helping their clients navigate the complexities of property management, with trustworthy advice and guidance.

‘We believe in honesty with our clients to deliver the service they expect. Our long-standing experience in various market cycles equips us to provide insights on achieving the best property prices achievable,’ said Louise Trainer.

As a family-operated agency with substantial history in the real estate industry, First National Real Estate Compass brings a blend of professional acumen and a personal touch. The agency’s commitment to cost-effective hyperlocal advertising ensures that each property receives the attention it deserves, while the cooperative spirit within First National means members work together, fostering an environment where competition is channelled into collective success.

Issued by: First National Real Estate

First National Real Estate Chief Communications Officer, Stewart Bunn on 0413 624 317