You can’t see it or smell it but, if you’re a tenant or a landlord, you’re equally responsible for it. That’s the reality when it comes to gas and appliances in rental properties, according to First National Real Estate national property and commercial manager, Amanda Kohler.
“Even though spring is almost here, no tenant or landlord should be lulled into a false sense of security” Ms Kohler said.
‘Gas safety is a shared responsibility and while we may soon be reducing the use of our gas heaters, there are other appliances that we use throughout the year including gas ovens, cooktops and hot water systems that need diligent consideration.    
Although state legislation may vary, in principle, landlords should ensure the safety and good repair of all gas and electrical appliances in their rental properties, nationally. Unsafe appliances can kill or seriously harm tenants and their guests, putting landlords’ as well as neighbouring properties at risk. 
‘Managing agents should make sure they arrange periodic appliance checks, using qualified inspectors, in all managed rental properties. They should also educate their landlords regarding their legal obligations’ said Ms Kohler.
‘Equally, tenants are obliged to use appliances in accordance with instructions and report any faults or suspected faults to their landlord or managing agent immediately’.
Because it is impossible to see or smell any leaking vapour, Ms Kohler recommends all gas appliances including heaters, hot water systems and cooktops be serviced or checked by a qualified technician, every one to two years.
‘The safety of our tenants is of utmost importance to First National’s members. Because faulty appliances can produce lethal carbon monoxide, we need to remind our tenants, landlords and managing agents of this vitally important shared responsibility’ said Ms Kohler.
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Issued by: First National Real Estate 
For further information contact: Stewart Bunn, National Communications Manager, First National Real Estate, on 1800 032 332