First National Real Estate introduced a groundbreaking strategy in 2017 to deliver more customers and greater profits to its members. Using the world’s leading inbound marketing technology, the network successfully delivered its agents the names and contact details of nearly 4,000 Australians considering selling their homes. 
‘This achievement represents a quantum leap over previous organic results and created unopposed listing opportunities worth $34.5 million in selling fees for members’ said First National’s chief executive, Ray Ellis.
‘Also of particular relevance is the fact that the network successfully disrupted agent finder services that would otherwise have sought $6.9 million in referral fees from First National’s members, had they captured those contacts first’.
The strategy employs multiple elements to attract consumers to First National Real Estate’s digital assets, and then converts those homeowners and landlords to appraisal requests on behalf of the network’s members. Email nurturing and remarketing campaigns are deployed for customers who won’t be selling or needing a rental appraisals until sometime further in the future.
‘As a result of our inbound marketing activities, our national website has experienced a 260 per cent increase in page views, subscribers have surged, and engagement across our social media publishing platform has been massively amplified’ said Mr Ellis.
‘By addressing the challenges Australians face at different stages of their real estate journey through content marketing, we’re establishing new levels of trust in the First National brand and reinforcing a pipeline of future business for our members.’
First National Real Estate has approximately 400 offices throughout Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific, and is the country’s most successful cooperative.
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