She is only 26, but Tori DeMamiel is already one of First National Real Estate’s rising stars, having established a cracking career trajectory that has seen her advance from real estate trainee to business owner in just four short years.

Raised in the rolling hills and lush green pastures of the Darling Downs, her authenticity and passion for the region’s real estate has enabled her to forge a distinguished career, leading to the purchase of First National Real Estate Warwick in June.

‘I absolutely love real estate because every single day is different, brings new challenges, and it almost doesn’t feel like work at all,’ says Tori.

‘I was extremely fortunate to get a great traineeship in real estate, working as a personal assistant to an agency principal a few years back. When you’re in that position, you have a lot of responsibility on your shoulders, so you get your feet on the ground very quickly and can learn a lot, fast.’

While working in sales and property management roles, Tori studied to obtain her real estate certificate of registration. Initially, her sales were typically residential rural properties in Warwick, but as the region has greened up, she has become much more involved with farms and agribusiness sales.

‘Water is everything in the Darling Downs, so when there’s a lot more of it around, the property market naturally pivots more towards agribusiness and lifestyle properties,’ says Tori.

‘We’re also seeing rapid changes in our local marketplace as a result of COVID-19. There’s a marked increase in buyers moving from Western Australia and Victoria. Houses which had previously been on the market for over 1,000 days have all been sold, and, a lot of rental stock has been absorbed by homeowners’

Tori has ambitious plans for First National Real Estate Warwick but her main focus, for now, is shifting the agency’s marketing to leading edge methodologies.

‘There are some fantastic digital marketing tools at First National so I’m gradually implementing new pre-listing, listing and “on the market” eBooks, doing Hyperlocal campaigns, using new templated marketing options and considering all sorts of things like signage,’ says Tori.

First National Real Estate has more than 350 offices throughout Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, and New Caledonia. In Queensland, there are 64 offices.

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