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18 Feb 20

Surge in real estate climate consciousness

Not only has the push for climate change made its mark on the streets of Australian capital cities but the suburban and regional Australian real estate market is now seeing the force of climate change consciousness with an influx... more

30 Jul 19

Leading network changes course on connections

Identifying and solving the pain points in the process of people buying and selling real estate is at the core of building stronger relationships, which is why one of Australia’s largest networks has changed course on utility... more
Long Term Real Estate Values Linked To Sustainable Energy Planning

07 Oct 15

Long Term Real Estate Values Linked To Sustainable Energy Planning

  Over the past decade, momentum for sustainable energy has been swelling worldwide, with more and more cities embracing environmentally friendly initiatives. As a result of collaboration between town planners, citizens, the... more

20 Aug 15

What are the latest green trends in housing?

  As going green and adopting sustainable development methods are increasingly becoming popular in the real estate and housing construction sectors, several trends are emerging. Here we take a look at what these trends are, and... more