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Supporting Future Leaders Via The Young Achievers Awards

First National Real Estate's sponsorship of youth, innovation and leadership has delivered recognition and support to some of Australia’s finest young achievers over the past five years, according to the CEO of First National Real Estate, Ray Ellis.

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'First National Real Estate is known for the community spirit amongst its membership and our members underline that through their sponsorship of the Young Achievers Awards’ said Mr Ellis.

‘As a result of this commitment, we’ve been able to assist young Australian’s as they work to help young women become future leaders, help the cause of suicide prevention, support animal rights, promote tolerance, support young people with degenerative diseases or serious brain and spinal injuries, connect women with legal advice and business coaching, reduce homelessness and alleviate poverty.

Young Achiever Awards 2012 017 copy.jpg‘Young leaders in our communities are doing such incredibly good work and we are proud to bring recognition to their initiatives, so other young people can be inspired to participate in similar initiatives with their friends, families and communities.’

One of the examples of the life changing impacts of our young achievers is the winner of the 2016 First National Real Estate Leadership Award, Sheree Rubinstein. Ms Rubinstein founded the Y-House Foundation in 2010 with the goal of establishing support and options for young people forced to live in, or at risk of entering care, as a result of degenerative diseases and spinal injuries.

Georgia’s goal is to build a 3.5 million dollar rehabilitation facility, the ‘Y-House’, and she has already acquired over $500,000 in donations towards construction and a further $150,000 for the Foundation.

‘First National Real Estate is committed to building the careers and futures of the next generation within our network. However, integral to that is teaching young agents about the importance of suporting the futures of young achievers in the communities where we work’ said Mr Ellis.


To better understand how members help members at First National, call Debbie Fletcher on 0413 624 307 or visit our website for more information.

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