Whether you celebrate the religious aspects of Easter or see it as a day of fun for the kids, the Easter long weekend is an egg-cellent opportunity to catch up with friends and family, spend some time relaxing and have a bit of fun. We’ve collated 8 tips to fill your Easter weekend with festivities for the whole family – adults included!


1.  Entertain with ease

Often the fun of hosting a get together is dampened by the stress of catering for your guests. Who wants to be stuck in the kitchen while everyone else is having a great time? Enter the delivered grazing platter! With so many options available to cater for different needs – everything from appetisers (think delicious cheeses, cured meats, dips and gourmet crackers) through to full-on feasts – simply place your order, sit back and enjoy.


2.  Inject some cute craft

With adorable bunnies, colourful eggs and fluffy chicks taking centre stage, there’s a lot for kids to love during Easter (not to mention the chocolate). And it’s always a fun time to get them involved in arts and crafts. Start the crafting early and help them make cards for friends and family, and then over the Easter weekend, set up some craft activities like these to keep them entertained. Kmart and Target stock Easter crafting kits for an even easier option.


3.  Plan a huge hunt

It’s not Easter without an Easter egg hunt, but it doesn’t always have to be about chocolate or all about the kids. If you’re gathering with friends and family, create an adult-only hunt of epic proportions. You’ll quickly find out who your competitive friends are as you watch the fun unfold! Whether you go for a traditional all-out chocolate grab, a treasure hunt with clues, or a golden ticket hidden in a plastic egg, there are plenty of ways to create an adult-friendly hunt.

Hop over here for some kid-friendly Egg-stra Special Easter Egg Hunt inspiration too.




4.  Add a touch of homemade

Nothing says Easter quite like freshly baked hot cross buns slathered generously with butter. Blow your guests away and bake your own this Easter. Sure, there are a few steps, and it involves a bit of time, but it’ll be worth it.

Can’t bear to bake? Fake it and pop some of these in the oven – The HCB Directory: where to find Australia’s best hot cross buns.


5.  Invite the Secret Easter Bunny

With Easter evolving into a time to share gifts for some, take away the stress and invite the ‘Secret Easter Bunny’ to your gathering. Much like Secret Santa or Kris Kringle, rather than buying gifts for everyone in the group, you’ll be anonymously allocated one recipient. Online gift exchanges like Elfster make the process super easy to manage, and you can even create a wish list of gifts.


6.  Capture the moments

While we’re constantly snapping moments on our phones, go old school this Easter and provide some disposable cameras for people to use throughout the day. It’s an entertaining and interactive activity that everyone will enjoy – and some kids probably won’t even know what they are! Developing all the snaps later on is half the fun and will provide you with some priceless memories of the day.


7.  Incorporate traditions

Do your kids know why a bunny is associated with this religious holiday? While it’s perhaps the most significant holiday of the Christian calendar, you don’t have to be a devout Christian to understand and appreciate the meanings behind the many traditions that we all incorporate into our Easter celebrations. From hot cross buns to Easter Sunday feasts and dyed eggs, here’s some background on our Fun Easter Traditions so that you can add some understanding and context into the frivolity.




8.  Get onboard with games

The Easter egg hunt is synonymous with the Easter holiday, but there are plenty of other egg-citing egg-related games that you can incorporate into your weekend. The good-old-fashioned egg and spoon race is a winner for all ages, and for some guaranteed laughs, get your guests on the floor rolling an egg to the finish line using…only their nose. For more Easter games suitable for both kids and adults, check out this round-up of games.


Hop to it and have some fun!

After spending the last few Easters cooped up, it’s time to spread your wings a little and create some special memories and new traditions with friends and family this Easter.


First National Real Estate would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Easter holiday!



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