It’s time to dust off the tinsel, stow any grinchy feelings, unwrap your Christmas spirit, and prepare to embrace those holly, jolly holiday vibes coming our way. But between the commercialism and consumerism of Christmas and the stress of getting through the silly season, sometimes it’s not all that easy to feel those holiday feels and stay true to what Christmas is all about. So, what can you do? We have eight sure-fire ways to help you sprinkle some glitter on the upcoming festive season.


  1. Go back to basics

It’s easy to get swept up in the materialistic and sometimes hectic pace of the festive season, and if that’s happening to you, it’s time to pare things back and focus on what this time of the year really means to you. Whether it’s giving thanks, spiritual reflection, or simply spending quality time with family, friends and loved ones, reacquaint yourself with where it all started and what’s important to you.


  1. Play happy host

Hosting a festive get-together puts you in the driver’s seat. You can choose all the trimmings, the soundtrack, the guest list, and the all-important festive feast. Whether you opt for a low-key affair or something more formal, check out our Tips to Host the Perfect Christmas and express gratitude with friends or family.


  1. Deck the halls

Nothing quite puts you in the mood for the season ahead like twinkling lights and decorating a tree. If it’s not a real one, be sure to invest in a Christmas-scented candle for an extra dose of nostalgia. Styling your home for Christmas should be fun; you can change it each year with themes or colours, or dust off the old favourites for an eclectic, maximalist look – anything goes! Our Christmas Styling blog has you covered for keeping it on-trend, affordable, fun and a little eco.


  1. Lights, music, action!

There’s always a neighbourhood (or two) renowned for putting on a Christmas light display of epic proportions. If that’s nearby, curate your favourite holiday or Christmas-related soundtrack, hop in the car as the sun goes down, pack a thermos of hot cocoa, and soak it all up. It’s free, festive fun that’s sure to light up your night.


  1. Plan a getaway

For us in the Southern Hemisphere, the festive season typically coincides with our biggest annual holiday. It’s when the days are longer, the sun is shining, the ocean is inviting, and we look forward to a much-needed break from the daily grind. Half the fun is in the planning, so if you haven’t already, now’s the time to start. Here are the 12 Best Christmas Holiday Destinations in Australia to help you on your way.

A woman looking back towards Wategoes beach at Byron Bay, Australia.


  1. Source the ultimate gift

There’s nothing quite like the joy of giving a well-thought-out, meaningful gift; the time and effort you invest in seeking it out will usually trump any expensive price tags. Before you jump online and order one of everything, seek out local retailers, hit some local markets and support businesses in your local community. You’ll often find unique, artisan products that are lovingly made and contribute to a brighter Christmas for the makers, too. If you’re completely stuck for ideas, here are our top tech gift ideas or this list of the 74 Best Christmas Gifts for 2023 has plenty of inspo!


  1. Make a warm fuzzies phone call

Spreading joy is a big part of the festive season, and one simple way to do this is to pick up the phone and let people know you are thinking of them, to thank them for the impact they may have had on you this year, (big or small) or to wish them all the best for the year ahead. You’ll bring some feel-good vibes to their day and be left sparkling yourself.

Girl having a Christmas video call with her happy family.


  1. Steep it in tradition

The holiday season is full of traditions, and if your family are light on that front, it’s time to establish some new ones! Traditions can help strengthen family bonds, provide connection across generations, be passed on to future generations, and instil a sense of belonging and identity. From cooking to carolling, crafting, or volunteering, choose something that resonates with your family values and that you think you can stick to year after year.


Get sparkling, and spread some holiday magic

As the festive season approaches, take a minute to breathe, and practice some activities that bring back your sparkle – you’ll find it’s contagious!

From all of the team at First National Real Estate, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and if you’re thinking of selling, surprisingly, listing at Christmas has its benefits, and here are four reasons why.


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