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As a first home buyer, should I buy a house or an apartment?
When it comes to buying your first property, some of the decisions are out of your hands, thanks to the housing market, the economy and whoever decides to lend you whatever sum of money they choose. This has been particularly... more

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How to Enjoy These Fleeting Days of Summer

Summer. It began in December, and very soon – on Feb 29 to be exact, ‘pow!’ it’s gone until next year. Bad news? Perhaps not for some, especially considering the tragic bushfires we’ve endured, but the good news - for those of us... more
Buying Property with best friends


Buying a house with a friend

For many people in today’s world, waiting until you are in a committed relationship before buying property together can be unpredictable. Buying a property alone can also be expensive and overwhelming so as more siblings buy... more
Valentine's Day


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas with Love!

  The most loved up day of the year is coming! Where romance is in the air, florist’s sell-out of long-stemmed roses and couples everywhere celebrate l’amour (French for L-O-V-E). So how do you acknowledge your significant other... more


Beat Those Back to Work Blues

Oh no, it looks like you’re back at work! more

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Top 10 Most Viewed Properties of 2019

Looking for a new house this year and needing to narrow down your search filters, but scared you’ll miss out on your fair share of unique looking properties? more


Tips on Renting and Rental Bonds Refunds

Rental Property Condition Report more


Maximising Rent Income from your Rental Property

When you buy an investment property, you will be faced with one of two possibilities.  The property is vacant or an established tenant is already paying the rent. If it’s vacant, you will obviously need to source a suitable... more