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How to choose the right home for retirement
The final third of our lives is more complex than most of us realise, until we get there. In the earlier decades of our lives we have energy, health and enthusiasm to face any challenge. However, as we age a range of things... more

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How to renovate your home for less than $10,000
Large scale renovation has become a way of life for many property investors, however this should not deter first home buyers and people on a tight budget who also want to improve on their investment. As well as keeping on top of... more


How to sail through your next routine rental inspection
One of the main things required of you as a tenant is to pay your rent in full and on time every month, but the other important responsibility you have is to keep the property in good, clean working order throughout the duration... more


5 tips to reduce the cost of home ownership
Getting into the property market is the first great hurdle, but once you are there, staying on top of the expenses and maximising the value of your investment can be just as challenging. Property owners should always try to find... more


How to sell your home fast after the kids move out
Many parents experience a shift when their children are in their late teens, and start to imagine a life without them living at home. When (or if - we’re looking at you millennials) that day eventually comes, it’s normal that you... more


How to find a pet friendly holiday rental
If you have pets, you know one of the trickiest things about taking holidays is finding someone to take care of the animals while you’re away. There is an easier solution of course and that is to book a road trip holiday and take... more


Digital Dating Rules for Successfully Selling Your Home
When it comes to selling your home, there are plenty of tricks to get you across the line, but the best tips for selling your property can come from a surprising resource. Online dating uses many strategies to pair the ideal... more