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As a first home buyer, should I buy a house or an apartment?
When it comes to buying your first property, some of the decisions are out of your hands, thanks to the housing market, the economy and whoever decides to lend you whatever sum of money they choose. This has been particularly... more

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How To Beat The Winter Blues?

Brrrrrrrrrr. Winter is almost here, just in case you haven’t noticed! It’s easy to feel a little low during this time – particularly as we’ve all been couped up in ISO. It’s quite natural during the cooler months to be less happy... more

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SMSF Property Investing. Why Do It, And How?

Taking control of superannuation is something many are considering seriously right now. With the share market’s recent rollercoaster rides and the worst plunge in 30 years in superfunds due to the pandemic, it’s little wonder.... more

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Top Tips to Maximise your Property Tax Return

Tax time. Yes! It’s nearly here again. If you own a property as an investor, you might already be thinking about preparing for end of financial year. The good news is there are many ways to reduce annual amounts, and deductions... more

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12 Things We've Learnt From Iso

ISO. How have you dealt with it? Has it made you stronger? Has it made you miss what came before? We thought we’d share some of our collective observations about what we’ve learnt, and possibly gained, for better or worse, from... more

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House Prices Rise Despite COVID-19

Following our look at how the market fared in March, changed government policies aimed at combating the COVID-19 crisis have started to influence transaction numbers, but the April figures from Australia's housing market have yet... more
Mother's Day

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How To Make Your Mum's Day?

Celebrating Mother’s Day is an annual ritual for many of us. Marking this occasion in the year 2020 however will be challenging to say the least. It’s going to be a new way to celebrate for us all, but necessary – particularly... more

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What To Do In Self Isolation?

Isolation is a strong word. Quarantining even stronger. It says doom, gloom and storm clouds overhead – but does it have to be this way? Don’t get us wrong, the current situation is challenging. We are all in this together to... more