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Top tips for renting your property
There are a lot of advantages to becoming a landlord, but it is still not a decision to be made lightly. There can be great financial benefits and it can really help you to achieve more of your property investment goals, however... more

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real estate agent commission


How do real estate agent's commissions work?

Many people look at the costs associated with the sale of a property as expenses, rather than as an investment. This simple shift in perspective not only makes the layout of cash less painful, it also motivates you to take a... more
acreage lifestyle


Would a lifestyle acreage give you a happier life?

Many of us have developed a love-hate relationship with the inner-city property market in recent years. Whether you have been priced out of it, or watched the value of your current property plummet, it’s a roller coaster that... more
Have your kids outstayed their welcome


Have your kids outstayed their welcome?

It’s hard to know these days when is the right time to kick your kids out. This may seem like a blunt sentiment but with many ‘children’ staying contentedly in the nest well into their twenties, it’s a reality that many parents... more


How APRA’s changes to investor loans can affect you

If you’ve been in the market for a home loan over the past few years, with the goal of investing in property, you will not doubt have seen APRA’s name pop up numerous times in various capacities. The Australian Prudential... more


New to renting? How not to be blacklisted as a tenant

The great thing about renting, is the flexibility to choose where you want to live and the freedom to change your lifestyle as regularly as you like. This luxury can be severely compromised however if you inadvertently manage to... more

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The difference between a real estate cooperative and franchise

Though there are attractions to working as an independent real estate agent, it’s not without its challenges. Not only do you have to do the day to day tasks required of any agent, but you also have to do all the behind the... more