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As a first home buyer, should I buy a house or an apartment?
When it comes to buying your first property, some of the decisions are out of your hands, thanks to the housing market, the economy and whoever decides to lend you whatever sum of money they choose. This has been particularly... more

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Maximising Rent Income from your Rental Property

When you buy an investment property, you will be faced with one of two possibilities.  The property is vacant or an established tenant is already paying the rent. If it’s vacant, you will obviously need to source a suitable... more


What sort of real estate co-ownership agreement is suitable for retirees living together?

For a variety of reasons – illness, instability, divorce or death - many retirees find themselves unexpectedly alone in their later years. The prospect of not having anyone to share and enjoy life with can affect health and has... more

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How Much is Your Property Worth?

Tip #1: A Property Appraisal Assists in Deciding to Sell or Renovate more


Improving Property Value by Renovating

Renovation Ideas to Increase Your Property Value more
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How do I find the right tenant and how much rent should I ask for my granny flat?

Having a granny flat can really help retirees when they’re looking to boost their income, or accommodate family and friends. But if your specific goal is to boost your retirement income, then you need to consider carefully... more
Showing vendor a property appraisal


Property Appraisals: Estimating your Home's Value

What is a Property Appraisal? more