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6 Mixed Breed Pooches Perfect For Apartment Living
Whilst there are many things potential pet-parents-to-be look for in their new puppy, their size can often be a top priority, especially if they live in an apartment. We may want a puppy to be trainable, sociable or have a larger... more

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Melbourne Outer suburbs


The towns outside of Melbourne that are growing in value

If you’re a home owner in 2019, then you will have learnt just how resilient you are. There have been some real nail-biting moments in recent months, but amidst the cloudy days there are - believe it or not - some patches of blue... more


How to prevent and manage bond

Almost every tenant has paid their bond with the full expectation that ‘nothing will happen’ and they’ll get all of their money refunded when they vacate the property. This is not always the case however and often tenants are... more
Tasmania 001


Why Tasmania should be on your home hunting list

So you’ve been hunting for a home and nothing is quite hitting the mark? It’s either not what you’re looking for or – as many Australians are now finding – is way out of your budget. If you’re looking for a less conventional... more


When the market peaks, how do you know when to sell and get out?

Property investment requires a unique blend of strategic thought, bravery, patience and nerves of steel. Property market cycles can take 10 years to turn back in your favour, sometimes longer and there are so many variables... more


The Best of Regional Living in Western Australia

We all reflect at one point or another on what it might be like to live somewhere else. Where that alternative reality may be differs for everyone, but most will consider regional living at some stage, right? Each Australian... more


How to de-pet your home when selling a property

There is always plenty to do to prepare your property for sale, but if you have pets, there are a number of specific things that need to be taken care of to ‘de-pet’ your property before it even goes on the market. Just because... more