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As a first home buyer, should I buy a house or an apartment?
When it comes to buying your first property, some of the decisions are out of your hands, thanks to the housing market, the economy and whoever decides to lend you whatever sum of money they choose. This has been particularly... more

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How to Reduce your Risk of Being a Victim to Cyber Crime

As we continue to endure one of the most testing periods that many of us have ever experienced in our lives, it's important to be aware of some of the online traps that are out there and seeking to take advantage of individuals... more


Egg-stra Special Easter Egg Hunt

With the annual celebration of Easter just around the corner on the 12th of April, the annual Easter egg hunt doesn’t need to be cancelled, you just need the hunt planned well in advance. Easter Egg hunts whether you’re young or... more

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Why You Need a Property Manager Now

With so much uncertainty in the market, it is times like this you really need property management experience and the law on your side. Having someone professionally manage your property, as if it is their own; can truly save you... more


Autumn Arts & Crafts for the Extended School Holidays

Autumn. It’s a time of holidays, leaves in the streets, and extended holidays while we self-isolate. Rumours are swirling right now that some schools may even extend the holidays. Regardless of the dates of your child’s break... more


Handy Hints for your Home While House Bound

There is no better time to make those simple home improvements that can make life a little more comfortable or even functional. And as Aussie battler Darryl Kerrigan once said in the iconic film The Castle, “It’s not a house,... more
Support Available for Tenants

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COVID-19 Support Available for Tenants

  TENANTS WHO HAVE LOST THEIR JOB If you have lost your job and are concerned about falling into arrears, please: more

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How Can We Best Help Fire Affected Communities?